Wet Brush Earth Collection Review

IMG_9595Wet Brush has given me the opportunity to try out one of their well-known brushes to review on my blog. I am very excited to introduce the Earth Collection to you & hope you are just as excited as I am. I learned about the wet brush from other bloggers & friends. The first thing that caught my attention was that people claim the brush combs through tangled hair without pulling. I have very thick, long hair which is already hell to deal with but I use natural shampoos and conditioner on top of that. Sometimes natural shampoos can be difficult to comb through. I was also interested to see how this brush would work on my sister’s hair who is biracial. She has very thick, curly hair that gets matted & tangled throughout the night while she sleeps.
After hearing about this “magical brush” I went onto the site to see what they looked like. I was surprised that they looked like a normal brush. Everything from the plastic handle to the bristles looks just like your average hair brush. I knew there had to be some technology behind it which I will discuss later in this review.
I am not a huge fan of plastic or bright colors which they do offer if it is your preference. Considering my blog is based on natural products I was really intrigued by the bamboo brush. The shape, size & technology is the same but the material that the brush is made from is more sturdy. Although  lightweight, bamboo can take a hit… I’m not saying throw your brush at the wall but I’ve had so many bamboo products that have lasted me so long. Not only is the wood strong but it is a more sustainable choice. Bamboo is antibacterial which makes it great for bringing in the shower. On a more important note, the natural wood looks so much better on my vanity!
Wet Brush

Wet Brush Earth Collection Brush $30.00


So how does this brush work? What makes it stand out from the crowd? The Wet Brush uses Intelliflex bristles that are much more thin, strong & flexible. This allows for a smooth glide through your hair without snagging, pulling or breakage. The brush really does help with pulling but I feel like it only helps with certain hair types/combinations. I have tried this brush on myself, my mother, as well as my sister who is biracial. She has very thick, curly hair that is a pain to brush through-literally. She cries whenever she has her hair brushed during bath time. We tried this brush out and she loves it. She sits and combs her fluffy hair for fun… She’s just to used to leaving it tangled because it hurts so bad to brush through it. We love it for her!
My hair is very long and coarse with tangles towards the ends. I feel that the Wet Brush works better for me when my hair is wet. Who would have thought? It is the “wet” brush after all. I’m not sure if that is the way it works-maybe it is supposed to work better when your hair is wet. It might just be the combination of long, thick, coarse hair but when I use it in the shower it glides through my hair with no problem. If I wake up with dry hair & try to comb it, sometimes it still pulls & snaps my hair.
My mother has long hair also but it is soft & fine. She’s lucky enough to have no Italian blood; I think that’s where the hair thickness came from on my side… ha ha The brush works on her hair wet or dry. Again, to prove my point I feel like the brush is great for people that do not have thick hair because you can use it with your hair when it is wet, dry, damp, etc. It’s really not a huge inconvenience that I need to use it in the shower anyway because the Earth Collection is bamboo which doesn’t grow mold/fungus.


  • Glides through wet, knotted hair effortlessly
  • No painful pulling or snagging for thinner hair types
  • Less breakage resulting in smoother, healthier hair
  • Bamboo handle is very sturdy as well as attractive
  • Works with all hair types including African American hair
  • Travel friendly
  • Brand offers many color choices as well as brushes for your pet


  • Bristles are flimsy due to the IntelliFlex™ technology (Can be an issue with thicker hair)
  • Still has minimal pulling on long, thick hair when it is dry
Wet Brush
I recommend this brush for anybody because it can be used wet on all hair types & dry on others. The technology is still good for a brush. I have other combs & brushes but they don’t comb through my hair when it is wet with such ease. You can’t deny that the bamboo adds such a beautiful touch to the brush. I love that it can be brought into the shower without worrying about the wood getting ruined. The size is small enough to pack for travel too. It’d be great for swimmers to bring in their gym bag. I will totally be bringing this in my pool bag this summer. I say go for it if you’re looking for a new brush. Even if it’s for your pet! I could see this working really well on long haired cats. I think anybody will really like this one. Thanks for reading my review. Comment below if you’ve ever tried the Wet Brush or if you’re intrigued. Have a good day!
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All of the products shown/featured were purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.
 All opinions are my own & I do not receive compensation for reviewing products.

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