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Modern Minerals Products Intro PhotoModern Minerals is a brand that I was recently introduced to through my Petit Vour subscription box. I fell in love with the packaging as well as the quality of the eyeshadow that I received. I was intrigued & really wanted to try out more of their products. Modern Minerals specializes in mineral cosmetics. The site is loaded with loose pigment eyeshadows, bronzer, blush & foundation. The brushes that you see to the left are a new addition & are available in a 4-piece set or individually.

Modern Minerals ProductsI have been given the opportunity to try a few more of the Modern Minerals products including their new vegan brush set. Today I am going to share with you pictures, swatches & information on the products. I never feature products on my blog that I don’t use myself. I have been playing around with these products for a couple of weeks now & truly love everything. I love Modern Minerals, not only for their color selection & quality but for their ethical standards. I hope you enjoy this review. Please leave your thoughts & comments below!

MM Packaging

The products were shipped out very quickly & arrived within days. Everything was packaged in paper for protection during shipment. The chevron pattern was so cute, I am such a sucker for pink! Modern Minerals ships to the United States & Canada. Free shipping is offered on orders being delivered to the United States. Canada shipping options are also reasonable in my opinion.

Duo Fiber Brushes


The brushes are hand-made from a very luxurious & soft, synthetic fiber. The synthetic fibers are great for people like myself that have sensitive skin. Before I went vegan, I used to get hives any time I used animal-hair brushes. These are considered hypoallergenic which is great. All Modern Minerals products are made & manufactured in the United States of America.


Modern Minerals

truth + beauty


In the image below you can see each brush up close.

Top Left | Duo Fiber Skunk Brush $22.00

Top Right | Duo Fiber Tapered Blending Brush $17.00

Bottom Left | Duo Fiber Mini Round Brush $12.00

Bottom Right | Duo Fiber Angle Brush $15.00

You save $6.00 by purchasing the full set for $60.00


I really love using the large brush for my bronzer & the angled brush for my brows. The blending brush is really amazing if you don’t want a heavy look. It works best when using lighter colors over the lid.

I am a bit of a brush hoarder & am so glad that I have these in my collection now! The brushes have a sleek white handle with the name branded in black on the side. The brushes are made with a silver ferrule which adds to the crisp, chic look. They look really beautiful atop of my vanity & their small size is convenient for travelers.

IMG_9498Duo-Fiber; What does it mean? Basically, each brush is created with 2 layers of soft fibers.  This technology allows you to apply powder products more easily. You will be able to focus the application in a specific spot while keeping it soft & seamless. According to the Modern Minerals site, “The ultra lightweight fibers hold a light amount of powder allowing you to have varying custom coverage.”

As you can see in the image to the left, each brush is individually packaged with a plastic cover to protect your brushes during shipment. The bristles won’t bend, smash or lose their shape. I also love that they are covered for sanitary purposes!


Their eyeshadows & bronzers come in very similar packaging. The only difference is size which is pretty typical. The lid is made of shiny, white plastic which is adorned with a silvery Modern Minerals logo. Their “truth + beauty” slogan is also across the top of each lid. The bottom half is transparent which is great; I like to be able to quickly grab the color I need. There is a sifter inside as well to help disperse the product in small amounts at a time.

Forever Summer Bronzer

A beautiful, copper shade that gives the skin a luminous glow.


15 grams/.53 oz


I was immediately attracted to this color when I went on the Modern Minerals site. Not only is this a bronzer but it doubles as a highlighter. A little goes a very long way so this product will last you a lifetime. I highly recommend using the Duo Fiber Skunk Brush with this product or another soft face brush. Something too dense would pick up too much product. Due to the coppery undertone, it can come off a bit orange. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone with extremely pale skin! I have warm undertones so it works when applied sparingly. Overall I really love it & have been using it everyday for a natural, sun-kissed glow. I feel that bronzer helps boost my confidence during the winter months when I lose a lot of color. A warm skin tone appears healthier in my opinion & all I need is a little bit of bronzer & mascara!

Mineral Eyeshadows


.07 oz/ 2 grams

Mineral eyeshadows are definitely under-rated these days. I feel like they are such a versatile product. Not only can these be applied wet or dry but they can be applied lightly or more heavily for deeper color. Depending on the brush that you use, loose pigments can be used as eyeliner. If you dip the tip of an angled brush into a little bit of water & apply the eyeshadow with this, it will look like a liquid or gel-type liner. You can achieve crisp lines or soft shadows. The color selection from Modern Minerals is great. They have in-your-face color options or more subtle, neutral choices. When choosing colors, I was looking for ones that I could wear everyday as well as some that seemed unique. The colors in the image below are so rich. I didn’t anything too similar in my collection. Mineral cosmetics are often softer to the touch & apply more smoothly. I love the colors I chose & I swatched them for you below!

The only issues I have with these, or loose pigments in general, is that they can have a lot of fall out. I try to keep my makeup as clean as possible but it can get a little messy at times. Also, you must use some sort of primer underneath because these tend to crease if you wear them for more than 3-4 hours. Nothing a little primer & concealer can’t fix!


(Left to Right)

Oasis | Teal-green shade with opalescent shimmer.

Mulberry | Rich purple shade with brown undertones & shimmer finish.

Kali | A sparkling blue so deep, it almost appears black.

Burlesque | Dark, chocolate-brown color with loads of sparkle.


(Left to Right)

Cherish | A mauve pink shade with silvery highlights.

Seychelles | Serious highlight with opalescent pinks, beige & lavender.

Lotus | Subtle lavender color with silver shimmer.

Uma | Light beige shade with peach undertones & a silver highlight.

Winter Rose | Peachy, rose-pink with a golden undertone.

Top reasons that I love Modern Minerals:

  • Pure Mineral Makeup

(Mineral products are usually preservative-free & since they have very low odor, they are often also fragrance-free. Preservatives & fragrance are often what cause irritation.)

  • No Parabens
  • No Phthalates

(Research shows that exposure to the chemicals could cause a wide range of health & reproductive problems. Manufacturers use phthalates because they cling to the skin & nails to give perfumes, hair gels & nail polishes more staying power. There are alternative methods to improve lasting-power in cosmetics that is not hazardous to health.)

  • Made in the USA
  • Vegan

(No carmine or animal derived ingredients.)

  • Leaping Bunny Approved

(Finished products as well as their ingredients are not tested on animals.)


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All of the products shown/featured were purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.
 All opinions are my own & I do not receive compensation for reviewing products.

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