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Lime Crime “Pink Velvet” Velveteen Lipstick $20

IMG_9558I am really excited for today’s review! Are you guys ready?! They’ve been obsessed over for a while now by beauty junkies & drooled over by makeup lovers… The Lime Crime Velveteens! There were 2 shades available originally but this time they brought us PINK! I have the red velvet color & absolutely adore it. It’s almost perfection in a bottle. Basically they are “seriously” opaque lip colors that apply wet but dry to a velvety matte finish. More details will be below as well as pictures of the product on but it makes your lips look like a soft rose.

Okay, here we go…

In my other reviews I have admitted to having a thing for attractive packaging. The Lime Crime Velveteens originally had a whimsical purple & red box with the iconic unicorn on the front. It was really beautiful but this time Lime Crime hit it hard. I originally thought it was just made for the Pink Velvet but this packaging is now being used on all of the velveteens. It is a lovely metallic red with beautiful pink roses printed all over. The lipstick reminds me of rose petals once it has dried on your lips so this is seriously perfect, I’m obsessed! The great thing is that when you throw away the box, the lipstick bottle looks just like it. You have a product that actually looks beautiful in the bottle as well as on you! I can’t be the only one fascinated by this ha ha.

pink velvet bottle

Let’s move on from the packaging to more important things…


If you have tried Lime Crime before you know their quality standards. Their brand has a small variety of things to offer but everything is impeccable quality. Their products are truly unique & you won’t find many similar items on the market. There are only two minor issue that I don’t like about the Velveteens:

1. They make my lips a little dry but it is just the formula… It’s a very dry product but this allows for a great lasting-time. I have sipped coffee & eaten a sandwich without the velvets budging. That being said it is pretty difficult to remove & does leave some staining. I use coconut oil to loosen the product, then I wipe it away with a cotton pad. My lips always look a little pink after. This happened with the Red Velvet color & the Pink Velvet. Once you apply it-it’s staying on so be very careful. I would even recommend using your own lip brush over the doe foot applicator so that you can have full control of the product when applying it to your lips.

pink velvet doe foot

2. It’s a love-hate story with the applicator. Besides the fact that you can’t have an easy, sharp application with the brush provided from Lime Crime, they made a good choice going for a doe tip for this particular product. I feel like any other style of applicator would not pick up the product because the formula is very runny. As you can see in the image below, when it is first applied it is comparable to wet paint. It takes a few minutes to fully dry so if you accidentally apply too much at once (which you can easily do with a doe tip) it will feather out pretty badly. If you have ever tried OCC Lip Tars it is similar but honestly, worse. It is like water compared to the lip tars. So like I said, I love that it picks up product but I hate that you can’t have a sharp application.

Left | When first applied                                        Right | After 2-3 minutes

pink velvet swatches

Pink Velvet is a vibrant, fuchsia pink shade with a velvety rose finish. I have not altered the colors in the images at all & have nothing on my lips other than the Velveteen lipstick. These are very true to color & the swatches show how opaque the product is with just one application. Because the product is runny, it really fills in your lips nicely so that you don’t develop any weird creasing throughout the day. Flawless!

Right | Pink Velvet                                                      Left | Bare Lips

pink velvet lips

pink velvet look

I would give these a 4.5 out of 5 (due to the small issues I discussed earlier). If you were considering trying these or just learned about them from my review, I say go for it! The pros outweigh the cons by far & they really are a nice, unique product. It was a different experience than I’ve had with any other products before it. I hope you enjoy this review & the swatches. Please follow my blog for more reviews like this to be sent to your email whenever I post! The link to subscribe is on my home page.

Have you tried out the Velveteens before?

Comment below your favorite shade!

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