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When did you begin loving makeup?

I believe I was introduced to makeup at a young age because my grandma was a makeup artist & worked in the modeling industry while my mother wore makeup to work at a dance club. I remember watching both of them put on their makeup; wishing that I could look like that one day. As a little girl I loved typical things like lip gloss & getting to wear some blush on my cheeks. I remember my mom putting these products on for me at a very young age-just for fun! I’m pretty sure I was about 4 or 5 years old. This was the earliest that I can remember being introduced to makeup. I remember trying on red lipstick for the first time. My mom probably let me wear it only in the house. I recall feeling a different kind of confidence even though I was so young. I felt beautiful or “fancy”. I believe I was around 7. Another one of my first makeup memories was purchasing the $0.99 Bon-Bon makeup from Wal-Mart. I don’t think they make those anymore… I had a slightly older friend who had a nail glitter kit that I loved playing with also. I was sort of a tom boy up until about age 10 because I had two brothers. So, besides the occasional makeup encounter, I was typically playing in the dirt with the boys. When I entered 4th grade I was in a new school. The girls there were already into hair & makeup. I remember feeling a little bit like an outcast. This sort of pushed me to begin experimenting with beauty products. After that, I fell in love with makeup, beauty & glitter quickly! It’s a bit of a patchy story but I can only remember little bits & pieces of using makeup as a child. I definitely went through the ugly stages of makeup use… I learned to put on eyeliner, foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, the hard way-just like everyone else!

How do you feel without makeup?

The only time I remember feeling horrible without makeup was when I was in middle school. I dealt with pretty bad acne on my face & forehead. I had not yet been introduced to full coverage foundation & I remember feeling ugly even with makeup. I felt like I couldn’t leave the house without wearing eyeliner! Now, I feel comfortable curling my eyelashes & putting on some lip balm. I have learned that we all have our good & bad days but we can’t keep calling ourselves names & other things. Makeup was made to enhance our natural features so that is what I use it for. I have fallen in love with makeup artistry so I do love to go crazy sometimes but makeup was made to perfect what you already had. Learn to make do with what you have. I feel confident with or without makeup now.

What do you like about makeup?

As I said in the above answer, I love that I can be creative with makeup. I love mixing colors, shading to change the shapes of my eyes, lips, bone structure, etc. Being able to make someone feel confident is also a bonus. A little bit of makeup can go a long way & completely change someone’s attitude towards themselves.

Three holy grail items?

Eyelash Curler | If I’m leaving the house, I have my lashes curled. I instantly feel more perky, awake & girly with curly eyelashes. It also adds the finishing touch to a full face look. There are even travel sized lash curlers for your purse so no excuses!

101896615_L copy

Red Lipstick | This is a staple item that everyone should try at least once. Don’t try on just one shade of red & give up. There is a shade of red for everyone! Just make sure the red lipstick you are using is vegan so that it doesn’t contain carmine. (crushed beetles used for color) It’s such a powerful color that turns heads & makes you feel super sexy. I always feel ready to tackle the world with this lipstick!

Red Lips

Bronzer|Blush|Highlighter | I know I cheated on this one but I couldn’t help it! Shaping your face with these three things can make you look sculpted & give you a beautiful glow. I always get complimented when I use a highlighter! Give it a try it & see how you feel.


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