Life | Christmas Would You Rather

Would you rather… Give OR Receive?
I would be extremely sad if I couldn’t give gifts during the holidays. Wrapping gifts is literally one of the highlights of this time of year.
Would you rather… See snow on christmas OR see the beach?
Although I want to live in a warm climate, I would rather see snow. I was born and raised in Chicago so I couldn’t imagine the holidays without some snow.
Would you rather… Not celebrate christmas this year OR not celebrate your birthday?
I would rather not celebrate my birthday because christmas is fun for everyone. Plus, everyone gets presents on christmas! 
Would you rather… Tell your grandma you hate the sweater she made you OR burn all of your christmas presents?
I don’t have a grandma but I couldn’t tell a loved one that I hated something they made me… Material objects can always be replaced so I’d burn all of my presents.
Would you rather… Have christmas tree tinsel for hair OR have christmas lights for finger nails?
I would rather have christmas lights as finger nails because tinsel for hair is just plain weird… So is lights as nails though… LIGHTS!
Would you rather… Listen to Christmas music all year OR one christmas song for the season?
One christmas song… EASY!
Would you rather… Receive socks for christmas OR receive a dictionary?
As long as they are fuzzy socks.
Would you rather… Have a nose that glows like Rudolph OR have pointed ears like an elf?
I would rather have pointed ears like an elf because it can be hidden if I wear my hair down. A glowing red nose on the other hand probably can’t be covered as easily!
Would you rather… Get many small presents OR one big present?
To be honest, it depends on the year. If there is one big gift I want I probably won’t ask for anything else. I typically prefer small gifts anyway so I’ll say a few small gifts. 
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