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Leave it to me to be the Debbie Downer of the year… I know this article is going to make someone angry but I feel like it needs to be said… Again. I understand the holiday season & how it can get stressful but I don’t understand why it needs to be this way. Don’t get me wrong, I love this time of year. It doesn’t have to be a burden & I feel like Black Friday is a day that enhances the urge to shop, shop, shop to save when in reality, you aren’t saving much. Every year we seem to be getting more & more greedy; rushing like we will never see a sale again. Things that were once supposed to be a fun, relaxing, family oriented events have turned into another day of anger, greed & selfishness. Black Friday was basically created for companies to make that last extra dollar. Do you really think the stores are doing it to save you money? They are there to “make” money off of you.


Christmas, the holiday season, whatever you’d like to call it is seems to be coming earlier each year. Each year the holiday decorations come out shockingly earlier than the last. People’s need to shop & “save” has given stores the idea that they can keep their stores open. This includes days that were once considered untouchable. Retail and customer service employees already have to deal with the holiday shoppers & now many stores are requiring their employees to work on Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. I am going to talk about it from a workers point of view. If you agree that this is unfair, we as the consumers are telling these stores “Open! We want more!” by shopping on these days. During the season of giving, I think everyone, including myself, need to take into consideration when we are shopping.

Unfair to Retail & Customer Service Employees

How could someone hate the holiday season, right? Well, being someone who works in customer service I can tell you how monstrous people are around this time. Before I started working as a waitress next to a mall, I was a chipper holiday person. The annoying one that played Christmas music the day it came on… Okay I still do that but that’s not the point. The holidays become so rushed when you work in retail & restaurants that it becomes an annoyance. You just want the shoppers to go away. You are pushed to sell a lot more during that time as well as pushed to work many more hours. Due to this season being so crazy, you want it to be over. It’s a sad thing that the “rush” of Christmas has ruined it for some of us… This picture below speaks for itself! Ri-di-cu-lous.


~ Save shopping for another day ~

Let everyone have time with their family including  yourself. I’ve read numerous articles about people who don’t have much time left. One of the most common regrets amongst people was that they wish they would have spent more time with the people they loved. Another is that they wish they would have let themselves be happy. They wished they had been less stressed about nonsense. Please, do yourself, your family, your children, a favor by making the holidays special again. Set a good example for the younger ones around you. It will be time remembered. One day when you don’t have much time left, you aren’t going to be thinking about that TV you saved a couple of dollars on Black Friday.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas courtesy Cartoon Network

Don’t Let Gift Giving Turn You into the Grinch

Although it is a great movie, you don’t want to turn into that green man… The holidays can be the perfect time to show someone that you think about them. Worrying about getting gifts for everyone is not enjoyable. Some thoughts that I used to have when picking gifts were:

~ Will they like it? ~

~ Are they even going to use it? ~

~ Is it enough? ~

~ They’re going to think I’m cheap. ~

~ I don’t have enough money for all of this. ~

As cliche as it sounds keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts. It really is. If someone you love gets you something & you don’t love it, never lash at them because they though of you. They took the time to consider what you would like. Do the same to others, take into consideration what they’d like. It never has so be something huge & expensive. Sometimes the best things in life are free my friend… Remember not to worry too much about presents around this time of year. Group gifts & grab bags are always fun too if there are older people in your family!

Christmas Presents

A Sweet Solution: Baked goods as gifts

Baking for the people you love will save you a ton of money. You will also save time & be less stressed by not waiting in lines. No worries about whether the receiver will like the gift because you can almost never go wrong with chocolate chip cookies, vanilla cupcakes, candy, etc. Kids will enjoy making these for people as well. Google some easy holiday recipes & package them up in little cellophane baggies or boxes.


Problem solved.

We’ve Sent Companies the Wrong Message

The Solution to this one is to avoid shopping on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. Make yourself a list if you are going to do Christmas shopping during November & December & know where you are going before you head out. Know what you are buying so that you save time & money. You will also help show companies that it is unnecessary to be open on holidays. Even writing to businesses about being open on holidays is a great idea. It will show them that some of their customers care about the employees. Maybe the companies will get an idea of what it means to care. It will remind them of what this season used to be all about.

If I offended anyone with my thoughts & opinions about holiday shopping & Black Friday, sorry, I’m not sorry!

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